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Welcome to Media Station X - Wiki

These wiki pages contain all information about the various JSON structures with examples and screenshots as well as descriptions and source code examples of the different plugin possibilities. In other words, everything you want to know about the Media Station X API can be found here.

For more information about the Media Station X project, please visit: https://msx.benzac.de/info/.

Note: The experts API are designed for experts who have well experiences with the main API. If you are new to Media Station X, please familiarize yourself with the main API before using the experts one.

Main API[edit]

Start API[edit]

The start object is used to setup the start parameter. The start parameter specifies which menu or content is loaded at startup.

Menu API[edit]

Menu objects are used to group different content objects. They are displayed as lists (vertical direction) on the left side of the screen.

Content API[edit]

Content objects are used to display content items on a grid. They can be displayed as pages (horizontal direction) or lists (vertical direction).

Common API[edit]

The common API is used in menu and content objects. It consists of requests, responses, colors, icons, inline expressions, and actions.

Extended API[edit]

The extended API describes the integration of YouTube, Vimeo & Co., the conversion of M3U/PLS files, and the loading of MRSS feeds.

Experts API[edit]

Special API[edit]

The special API can be used for special use cases. It consists of internal actions, URL parameters, extended properties, attached data examples, the dictionary structure, the Tizen player, the NetCast menu, and the Android player.

Live API[edit]

The live API can be used to periodically update content items (e.g. with live data, playback progress, etc.). It also describes the live inline expressions that are also used in other properties (e.g. in the extension property).

Selection API[edit]

The selection API can be used to specify the behavior of a content item if it is selected (i.e. if it has the focus).

Plugin API[edit]

The plugin API can be used to create your own video/audio or interaction plugin.

Hidden Features[edit]

Hidden features are used in menu and content objects and can be used for special use cases. They are called "hidden" because they were not intended to be official features (to keep the menu and content API clear and compact).

Benchmark Tests[edit]

Benchmark tests have been developed to check the performance and capabilities of a TV device.

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