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It is possible to create a shortcut for an option item by setting the key property. For more information about the key property, please see Key Property. It is also possible to deactivate the shortcut feature by setting a shortcut property (of type boolean) to false for the corresponding option item. This feature is available since version 0.1.132.

Note: A template object is not evaluated for option shortcut items. Therefore, properties like key, action, display, enable, or shortcut must be set directly on the item. Please also note that header and footer pages are not searched for option shortcut items.

Please see following example.


This example also shows the feature of setting up shortcut keys for player buttons. If you would like to test this example on a desktop device, please use the number key 1 for red, 2 for green, and 3 for yellow.


Example Screenshot (Option Shortcut)


    "type": "list",
    "headline": "Option Shortcut",    
    "template": {
        "type": "separate",
        "layout": "0,0,2,4",
        "icon": "msx-white-soft:movie",
        "color": "msx-glass",
        "options": {
            "headline": "{context:title} Options",
            "caption": "opt/menu{tb}{ico:msx-red:stop} opt1{tb}{ico:msx-green:stop} opt2{tb}{ico:msx-yellow:stop} opt3",
            "template": {
                "enumerate": false,
                "type": "control",
                "layout": "0,0,8,1"
            "items": [{
                    "key": "red|1",
                    "icon": "msx-red:stop",
                    "label": "Option 1",
                    "action": "[cleanup|info:{txt:msx-white:Option 1} for {txt:msx-white:{context:title}} executed.]"
                }, {
                    "key": "green|2",
                    "icon": "msx-green:stop",
                    "label": "Option 2",
                    "action": "[cleanup|info:{txt:msx-white:Option 2} for {txt:msx-white:{context:title}} executed.]"
                }, {
                    "key": "yellow|3",
                    "icon": "msx-yellow:stop",
                    "label": "Option 3",
                    "action": "[cleanup|info:{txt:msx-white:Option 3} for {txt:msx-white:{context:title}} executed.]"
        "properties": {
            "button:content:key": "red|1",
            "button:restart:key": "green|2",
            "button:next:key": "yellow|3",
            "label:extension": "{ico:msx-red:pageview} {ico:msx-green:replay} {ico:msx-yellow:skip-next}"
    "items": [{
            "title": "Video 1",
            "playerLabel": "Video 1",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video1.mp4"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 2",
            "playerLabel": "Video 2",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video2.mp4"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 3",
            "playerLabel": "Video 3",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video3.mp4"


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