Number Inline Expressions

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It is possible to convert numbers (indicated in milliseconds) with inline expressions into date, time, or duration values. The expressions are similar to the Live Inline Expressions and look like this: {num:{NUMBER}:{TYPE}:{FORMAT}}. It is also possible to add colored values with the expression syntax {txt:{COLOR}:num:{NUMBER}:{TYPE}:{FORMAT}}. Please see Colors for possible color values. This feature is available since version 0.1.91. Please see following example.



Example Screenshot (Number Inline Expressions)


    "type": "pages",
    "headline": "Number Inline Expressions",
    "template": {
        "type": "separate",
        "layout": "0,0,2,3",
        "icon": "msx-white-soft:info",
        "color": "msx-glass"
    "items": [{
            "title": "Specific Date/Time",
            "action": "info:{num:1548335764000:date:DD, MM d, yyyy}, {num:1548335764000:time:h:mm/ampm}"
        }, {
            "title": "Current Date/Time",
            "action": "info:{num:now:date:DD, MM d, yyyy}, {num:now:time:h:mm/ampm}"
        }, {
            "title": "Colored Date/Time",
            "action": "info:{txt:msx-blue:num:1548335764000:date:DD, MM d, yyyy}, {txt:msx-blue:num:1548335764000:time:h:mm/ampm}"
        }, {
            "title": "Duration Time",
            "action": "info:{num:5640000:duration:time:hh:mm:ss}"
        }, {
            "title": "Duration Text",
            "action": "info:{num:5640000:duration:text:dhms}"
        }, {
            "title": "Colored Duration",
            "action": "info:{txt:msx-blue:num:5640000:duration:text:dhms}"