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This is a special video plugin that plays a video in an endless loop. The plugin can be used with version 0.1.74 or higher.


The plugin can be loaded with a video URL or ID. If a video ID is used, the interaction plugin is used to request the corresponding URL. Please see following action syntax examples.

If you would like to use the plugin with Google Drive MSX, OneDrive MSX, or Dropbox MSX, please use the index.json file feature and reference all video files with the inline expression {asset:id:{NAME}} (e.g. {asset:id:video1.mp4}). For more information, please see Credits & Hints from the corresponding service.

Note: For Google Drive MSX, all referenced files must be publicly shared and smaller than 100 MB.

If you would like to use the plugin as reference to implement your own plugin, please have a look at this implementation script:


Parameter syntax of background plugin
Parameter Type Default Value Mandatory Description
id string null No

The ID of the background video. This ID is used to request the corresponding URL from the interaction plugin.

url string null Only if video ID is not set

The URL of the background video. It is recommended to encode the value to ensure that it is evaluated correctly (e.g. """").


Please note that this example uses some properties that are only available in version 0.1.142 or higher. Please also note that the service is not part of the plugin. It is just a helper service to return a background video plugin action if no other video/audio is running.


Example Screenshot (Background Plugin)


    "headline": "Background Plugin Test",
    "style": "overlay",
    "transparent": 2,
    "ready": {
        "action": "execute:service:video:data:",
        "data": {
            "url": "",
            "label": "Atmospheric Background 1",
            "transparent": true
    "menu": [{
            "label": "Menu Item 1",
            "data": ""
        }, {
            "label": "Menu Item 2",
            "data": ""
        }, {
            "label": "Menu Item 3",
            "data": ""
        }, {
            "label": "Menu Item 4",
            "data": ""
        }, {
            "label": "Menu Item 5",
            "data": ""
        }, {
            "label": "Menu Item 6",
            "data": ""


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