Color Inline Expressions

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It is possible to change the default color in a text with inline expressions. The expression {col:{COLOR}} sets the color and the expression {col} switches back to the default color. Please see Colors for possible values. This feature is available since version 0.1.91. Please see following example.



Example Screenshot (Color Inline Expressions)


    "headline": "Color Inline Expressions",
    "pages": [{
            "items": [{
                    "layout": "0,0,12,6",
                    "color": "msx-glass",
                    "text": [
                        "{col:msx-red}This line is red.{br}",
                        "{col:msx-green}This line is green.{br}",
                        "{col:msx-yellow}This line is yellow.{br}",
                        "{col:msx-blue}This line is blue.{br}",
                        "{col}This line has the default color.{br}",
                        "{col:msx-red}This part is red, {col:msx-green}this part is green and contains a {txt:msx-yellow:yellow} word.{br}",
                        "{col:msx-blue}These icons are blue: ",
                        "{ico:favorite} {ico:check-circle} {ico:lock} {ico:flag}.{br}",
                        "This part is still blue and these icons have their own colors: ",
                        "{ico:msx-red:favorite} {ico:msx-green:check-circle} {ico:msx-yellow:lock} {ico:msx-blue:flag}.{br}",
                        "{col:default}The default color can also be set like this.{br}"