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It is possible to set an execute property (of type boolean) to a content item to automatically execute it on load. This feature is available since version 0.1.0. Since version 0.1.120, the execute property can also be set to a menu item to automatically enter the menu data on load. The internal focus and execute properties of the entered menu data are also evaluated.

Note: To use this property, the focus property must be set to true, otherwise this property is ignored. This property has no effect if the content is loaded via a menu and the corresponding menu item has not set the focus and execute property to true.

Please see following example.



Example Screenshot (Execute Property)


    "type": "pages",
    "headline": "Videos",
    "template": {      
        "type": "separate",
        "layout": "0,0,2,4",
        "icon": "msx-white-soft:movie",
        "color": "msx-glass"
    "items": [{
            "focus": true,
            "execute": true,
            "title": "Video 1",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video1.mp4"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 2",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video2.mp4"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 3",
            "action": "video:http://msx.benzac.de/media/video3.mp4"