M3U Launcher


This service allows you to launch the Media Station X application directly with an M3U playlist. Optionally, a headline and/or background can be set. The launcher parameters will be set as URL start parameter as base64-encoded JSON.

  • This service uses an M3U to JSON conversion service, for more information, please have a look at the wiki page M3U/PLS Files.
  • You can also register the launched URL with a URL shortener service to set it up via the application start parameter input. For more information, please have a look at the wiki page Setup Start Parameter → URL Shortener Services.
  • For this service, Media Station X 0.1.145 or higher is needed.

Note: Please note that no URLs or playlist files are stored persistently on MSX servers. There is only a session-based storage for performance reasons.

Launcher Parameters

URL to an M3U playlist.

Playlist headline. If not specified, the headline "Playlist" is used. This headline is also used as alias when registering with a URL shortener service.

URL to a background image. The area of the background is 1280x720 (WxH) pixels at layout resolution 720p (1920x1080 at 1080p). The background image is stretched to fill the entire size.