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This is a special video plugin that displays an image for a specific time. It can be used to create a mixed playlist of videos, audios, and images. The plugin can be used with version 0.1.74 or or higher.


The plugin must be loaded with an image URL. Optionally, the display duration, the filler type, and the background color of the image can be indicated. Please see following action syntax example.

If you would like to use the plugin as reference to implement your own plugin, please have a look at this implementation script:


Parameter syntax of image plugin
Parameter Type Default Value Mandatory Description



Example Screenshot (Image Plugin)


    "type": "pages",
    "headline": "Image Plugin Test",
    "template": {       
        "type": "separate",
        "layout": "0,0,2,4",
        "icon": "msx-white-soft:extension",
        "color": "msx-glass",
        "properties": {
            "control:load": "silent"		
    "items": [{
            "title": "Video 1",
            "playerLabel": "Video 1",
            "action": "video:"
        }, {
            "background": "",
            "title": "Audio 1",
            "playerLabel": "Audio 1",
            "action": "audio:"
        }, {            
            "title": "Image 1",
            "playerLabel": "Image 1",
            "action": "video:plugin:"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 2",
            "playerLabel": "Video 2",
            "action": "video:"
        }, {
            "background": "",
            "title": "Audio 2",
            "playerLabel": "Audio 2",
            "action": "audio:"
        }, {
            "title": "Image 2",
            "playerLabel": "Image 2",
            "action": "video:plugin:"