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This is a special video plugin that displays an image for a specific time. It can be used to create a mixed playlist of videos, audios, and images. Additionally, this plugin contains functions for rotating the image. The plugin can be used with version 0.1.74 or higher.


The plugin must be loaded with an image URL. Optionally, the display duration, the filler type, the background color, and the initial rotation of the image can be indicated. Please see following action syntax example.

If you would like to use the plugin as reference to implement your own plugin, please have a look at this implementation script:


Parameter syntax of image plugin
Parameter Type Default Value Mandatory Description
url string null Yes

The URL of the image. It is recommended to encode the value to ensure that it is evaluated correctly (e.g. """").

duration number|string 20 No

The display duration of the image in seconds. You can also set this parameter to "slideshow" to use the slideshow interval settings from the application (SettingsSlideshow Interval). The following interval values can be set.

  • Very Fast: 1 sec
  • Fast: 5 sec
  • Normal: 10 sec
  • Slow: 20 sec
  • Very Slow: 40 sec
filler string "fit" No

The filler type of the image.

  • "fit": The image is sized (by keeping the ratio) to fit into the size and is positioned in the center.
  • "cover": The image is sized (by keeping the ratio) to cover the entire size and is positioned in the center.
  • "smart": If the ratio of the image and the size is the same, "cover" is used, otherwise "fit" is used.
color string "black" No

The background color of the image in CSS syntax. It is recommended to encode the value to ensure that it is evaluated correctly (e.g. "#000000""%23000000").

rotation number 0 No

The initial rotation of the image in degrees. During runtime, it is possible to rotate the image by using the action player:commit:message:rotate:{ROTATION_VALUE}. In this case, a direction or a number can be indicated as rotation value. Please see following examples.

  • player:commit:message:rotate:right
  • player:commit:message:rotate:left
  • player:commit:message:rotate:full
  • player:commit:message:rotate:full-right
  • player:commit:message:rotate:full-left
  • player:commit:message:rotate:reset
  • player:commit:message:rotate:-270
  • player:commit:message:rotate:-180
  • player:commit:message:rotate:-90
  • player:commit:message:rotate:0
  • player:commit:message:rotate:90
  • player:commit:message:rotate:180
  • player:commit:message:rotate:270

Note: If the rotation value is a number (which must be divisible by 90), it is applied as an absolute rotation in degrees.



Example Screenshot (Image Plugin)


    "type": "pages",
    "headline": "Image Plugin Test",    
    "template": {       
        "type": "separate",
        "layout": "0,0,2,4",
        "icon": "msx-white-soft:extension",
        "color": "msx-glass",
        "properties": {           
            "control:load": "silent",
            "control:dim": false,
            "button:rewind:icon": "rotate-left",
            "button:rewind:action": "player:commit:message:rotate:left",
            "button:rewind:key": "delete",
            "button:forward:icon": "rotate-right",
            "button:forward:action": "player:commit:message:rotate:right",
            "button:forward:key": "insert",
            "button:speed:icon": "settings-backup-restore",
            "button:speed:action": "player:commit:message:rotate:reset"
    "items": [{
            "title": "Video 1",
            "playerLabel": "Video 1",
            "action": "video:",
            "properties": {
                "control:load": "silent"
        }, {
            "background": "",
            "title": "Audio 1",
            "playerLabel": "Audio 1",
            "action": "audio:",
            "properties": {
                "control:load": "silent"
        }, {            
            "title": "Image 1",
            "playerLabel": "Image 1",
            "action": "video:plugin:"
        }, {
            "title": "Video 2",
            "playerLabel": "Video 2",
            "action": "video:",
            "properties": {
                "control:load": "silent"
        }, {
            "background": "",
            "title": "Audio 2",
            "playerLabel": "Audio 2",
            "action": "audio:",
            "properties": {
                "control:load": "silent"
        }, {
            "title": "Image 2",
            "playerLabel": "Image 2",
            "action": "video:plugin:"


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